Monday, June 6, 2011


BRUNCH (a little list of my brunch hits and misses)
* meh
** decent
*** good
**** very good
***** excellent

The Bellvue ***-organic, tiny spot
Kengington Cornerhouse***-gluten free brunch
Fika ***-super cute coffee shop
Fanny Chadwicks *-hopefully it’s improved,i went in the 1st month
The Pour House ***great weekend Caesar bar and good pub brunch
Grapefruit Moon *** nothing spectacular
Over Easy **-overpriced, greasy
By the Way **-fine
Universal Grill ****-very good
Tati Bistro ****-very good (closed)
DT Bistro ***-good
Rose and Sons ***-good, cute, hungover only
The Whippoorwill Restaurant and Tavern-***** loved!
Dr. Generosity
Starving Artist
Cantine ***-can’t go wrong
Flo’s Diner **-can be a miss
One **-so overpriced and not amazing at all
Avenue Diner **-upscale diner/overpriced
Fire on the East Side ***-great spot
Coffee Mill ****-soups/open faced sandwiches, Hungarian
Holts Café ****-fresh options, quick stop
Carol’s Cheesecake ****-great dairy free soups, healthy options
Wish ***-good
Smith ****-very cute
MoRoCo ***-cheesy but good
Cafe Boulud
The Oxley
Dundas West
Saving Grace *****-amazing, best sandwiches
Musa (CLOSED) *****
The Lakeview ***heavier, great drinks
Louvrier **** excellent
Queen West
The Swan ***-different menu, good food
Easy ****-very far but worth the experience
The Drake ****-always excellent, good patio
Shanghai Cowgirl **-decent, better for late night food (closed)
County General ****-very good
Mitzi’s Café ***-good, smelly
Lady Marmalade *****- excellent, but you smell like your meal
Bonjour Brioche *****-excellent, rich
Edward Lavasear Kitchen *****-excellent, great service
Kalendar **-decent
Mitzi’s on College ***-great menu and patio
Nirvana **-cheap, decent
Auntie’s and Uncles ***-good but over-rated and sort of dirty
Easy ****-love
Voodoo Child
Boom *-skip it, never been to the college location
Green Eggplant *-greasy breakfast, better salads, etc.
The Homeway ****-excellent brunch and patio
Amore ****-very good
Uncle Betty's***-comfort food, not for those on a diet
United Dairy ***-very good, more lunchy to me
Steve's **-greasy spoon, not my fave but people love it
Bagel World***-great salads, scoops and eggs
Hotel Gelato ***
Monks Table ***-step up pub brunch
Rebel House ***-step up pub brunch, great patio
Patachou ***-more lunchy but very good, french
Cafe Doria ***-i love the salads and soups, more lunchy
Liberty Village
School ****-excellent menu
Mildreds Temple Kitchen ***-great atmosphere and good menu
King West/East
O & B Cantine ***-great patio, some things overpriced
The Counter ***-great menu, open 24h
Le Petit Dejuner ***-lines, good menu and vibe
Cool Hand of a Girl ***-not typical but good,off the beaten path
Farmhouse Tavern **-not for me
Barque ****-really good
Hey ***-good potential


  1. I heart this list... I want to re-post to my blog.. Brunch with Becc's will be the title. You like ?
    Ps. You need to try Table 17 in L'ville, and Frank at the AGO ;)

  2. i love everything about that and thanks for the suggestions...ill add them! stay tuned for my next post....dinner! xo