Tuesday, June 7, 2011


* meh
** decent
*** good
**** very good
***** excellent

Boulevard Café ***-latin, great patio,not overpriced
Harbord House ***-upscale gastro pub
Harbord Room ****-bistro, excellent
Messis ****- European fusion (CLOSED)
Smoke BBQ house ***-(CLOSED-sort of)good, cas, not that comfy
THR & CO ****-very good and fresh
Pizza Libreto ****-best pizza in the city?
Fish Bar *****-seafood, excellent, cant go wrong here
Turtle Pho ****-vietnamese, $10 meals
Foxley ****-asian fusion tapas
Julie’s Cuban ***-cuban, great vibe
Watusi ***- (CLOSED)small plates, bar menu
Salt ****-small plates, excellent, new fave!
The Saint ****-very good, upscale, british pubish
Rock Lobster Co **-decent
Bellwoods Brewery
Hawker Bar
Diverso by Ferraro ** (CLOSED)-decent food but not a destination
Playa Cabana ****-excellent Mexican, great patio
People’s **-greek diner/burger spot (CLOSED)
Vesta Lunch *-late nights only!
Rose and Sons ***-comfort food, small, cute
Playa Cabana Hacienda ***-ok, bad service
Big Crow ****-loved the atmosphere, and menu
Queen West
The Drake ****-great dinner
The Rosebud ****-bistro/pre-fixed menu
Milagro *****-mexican/small plates, best of the 3 locations
Terroni ****-rustic Italian
The Rivoli **-asianish, a little bit of everything
Black Bull *-pub
Nyood ***-fusion, small portions
Paddock *-horrible
The Country General **** really good and open late
Grand Electric **** taco's, brown liquor and loud music, amazing!
Kanji **** really good sushi and apps!
Electric Mudd BBQ **** very good
Lucid Cocktail Kitchen
Food and Liquor
St. Clair
El Rincon ***-mexican, has gone down hill
The Rushton ***-french inspired
Ferro ****-italian
Stockyards ****-bbq
Cava *****-spanish tapas
Hardys (CLOSED)
Jump ****-very good food, stuffy crowd
Reds ****-very good food, too fancy for me personally
Joey’s ****-fun vibe, great food, upscale bar
The Keg *****-great steaks, fun vibe
Real Sports Bar ****-great pub food
The Pearl ***-chinese
Khoa San Road *****-best thai in the city
Ki****-great sushi, suit crowd
Ravi Soups ***-quick soup/wrap spot. smelly
Fusara ***-great salads/sandwiches
Irish Embassy ***-upscale pub
Mercato ***-italian, work crowd
Guu Izikaya ***-interesting food, not a meal I crave, smelly
Earls ***-west coast cuisine
Barbarian’s **** excellent
South of temperance *** very good
Momofuku Noodle *** very good
Momofuku Daisho
Momofuku Shotu
Richmond Station
Cactus Club
Dundas West
Hoof Café ****-(CLOSED)
Black Hoof *****-excellent, charcuterie
Enoteca Sociale *****-rustic Italian small plates, excellent
Campagnola****very good
Bent****excellent, small plates, asian
Café Diplimatico **-basic Italian, great patio
Bar Italia ***-good atmosphere, and menu
Utopia ***-burritos, big menu
W burger **-decent, lame vibe
Franks Kitchen *****-truly excellent
Kalander ***-go to spot
Sneeky Dees ***-cheap and dirty Mexican
Nirvana ***-cheap thai-ish food
Sidecar ****-good patio, great pre fixed menu, good for groups
Briscola ****- (CLOSED)very good italian 
Hey Meatball ****-quick and delicious, a must try!
La Carnita***-good,not the mest mexican in the city, fun vibe
Rebozos ***-cheap and chearful
Bar Isabel ****-favourite!!
Spacco ** fine, Italian, pool hall
La Vechia **** very good rustic Italian
Gratzie *** good Italian
Bamburger *** good burger place, more upscale
5 Doors North **** great drinks, small plates
Yitz *** deli
Chimichanga ** not my fave Mexican (CLOSED)
Burger Shack ***dirty burgers and greek food
Tabule *** Mediterranean food
House of Chan *** chinese
7 Numbers **** very good, small plates
Stack *** very good, kid friendly
Vita Sociale ***-good enough
King West
Buca **** rustic Italian, upscale, cool space
M-Burger **-(CLOSED)
Wabora **** horrible atmosphere, great sushi, upscale
Wvrst*** amazing fries-good sausages
Gusto101**** very good
Patria**** spanish tapas, kinda a scene, very good
Valdez* terrible!
Lee Lounge
Bloke and 4th
Home of the Brave
Pangaea **** fine dining
Dimmi **** good Italian, good for groups
Remy’s * gross pub food
Pilot *** best of the Yorkville bars for food
Bedford Academy ** decent
Hemingway’s ** decent, but not great
Sushi Inn *** good sushi but prefer the other choices
Asuka *** too big of a scene
Shogun **** my favourite sushi in yorkville
Fieramosca *** great service and cozy atmosphere
MBCo **overpriced
Café Nervosa *** great environment
La Société ** i wasn't impressed but i'd try it again
The Museum Tavern**** excellent, great service
Malena (CLOSED)
Black Camel ****-amazing sandwiches
Rebel House ***-home cooking, rich, comfort foods
The Quail **-decent pub food and great patio
Bar Centrale ****-new teronni with small plates, very good, excellent wine list
Café Doria ***-go to lunch time foods
Patachou ***-great salads, French bakery
Le Petit Castor ****-very good
Terroni ****-very good
Capocaccia ***-good, lots of options
John & Sons Oyster House ***-overated but good
China Town
Asian Legend ***-soup dumplings in Toronto
Japango ***-good but expensive
Fresh ****-very good vegetarian food (2 other locations)
Guu SakaBar ****-prefer to the other location
Sushi on Bloor *-hate!
New Generation **-better, but not great
Tokyo Sushi **-not a fan
Sushi Couture ****-very good, best on the strip
Hey Lucy **-great drink deals, patio and good menu
Insomnia **-decent
Taco El Asador ***-good fast food
Leslieville/The Beach
Queen Margarita ***-well priced pre fixed, fun family vibe, over hyped
The Burger's Priest ****-amazing. refer to secret menu before going
Gia Rana ****-italian small plates
Tomi-Kro (CLOSED)
Auld Spot **-decent pub
7 numbers ****-very good, small Italian plates (second location on eglington)
Mezes ****-best greek on Danforth?
Astoria ***-garlicky greek
Forest Hill
Mashu Mashu ***-middle eastern, good
Hope Street *** (CLOSED)
Margaritas **-fun spot, there is better Mexican out there
Liberty Village
Liberty Noodle-(CLOSED)
King East
Barque ****-bbq, excellent. love sunday family night
Playa Cabana Cantina
Me Va Me ****-middle eastern, very good
5 Guys ****-amazing!

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  1. Good god, don't you ever eat in?
    It's the Golden Turtle or Rua Vang... and I'ts amazing!!!
    Looking forward to the rest of the reviews. Have a great trip